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First Conditional: real possibility
We are talking about the future. We are thinking about a particular condition or situation in the future, and the result of this condition. There is a real possibility that this condition will happen. For example, it is morning. You are at home. You plan to play tennis this afternoon. But there are some clouds in the sky. Imagine that it rains. What will you do?
IF condition result
present simple WILL + base verb
If it rains I will stay at home.
Notice that we are thinking about a future condition. It is not raining yet. But the sky is cloudy and you think that it could rain. We use the present simple tense to talk about the possible future condition. We use WILL + base verb to talk about the possible future result. The important thing about the first conditional is that there is a real possibility that the condition will happen. Here are some more examples (do you remember the two basic structures: [IF condition result] and [result IF condition]?):
IF condition result
present simple WILL + base verb
If I see Mary I will tell her.
If Tara is free tomorrow he will invite her.
If they do not pass their exam their teacher will be sad.
If it rains tomorrow will you stay at home?
If it rains tomorrow what will you do?

result IF condition
WILL + base verb present simple
I will tell Mary if I see her.
He will invite Tara if she is free tomorrow.
Their teacher will be sad if they do not pass their exam.
Will you stay at home if it rains tomorrow?
What will you do if it rains tomorrow?
Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Form a Conditional sentence - type I. Only use the will-future in the main clauses.
Example: If I __ (to go) to the cinema, I ________ (to watch) an interesting film.
Answer: If I go to the cinema, I will watch an interesting film.

1) If I ____________ (to study), I ________________ (to pass) the exams.
2) If the sun ______________ (to shine), we ______________ (to walk) to the town.
3) He ____________ (to see) the doctor if he __________________ (to have) a temperature
4) If my friends ____________ (to come), I _______________ (to be) very happy.
5) If she _____________ (to earn) a lot of money, she ___________ (to fly) to New York.
6) If we ____________ (to travel) to London, we _____________ (to visit) the museums.
7) You _____________ (to slip) on the rocks if you _____________ (to wear) sandals in the mountains.
Cool If Rita _______________ (to forget) her homework, the teacher _____________ (to give) her a low mark.
9) If they ______________ (to go) to the disco, they _______________ (to listen) to loud music.
10) If you _______________ (to wait) a minute, I ______________ (to ask) my parents.

Fill the gap using the verb in brackets. Watch out for the third person S!
1 If Clare ___________________ late again, the hockey trainer will be furious. (to arrive)
2 You'll be sorry if you ___________________ for your exams. ( not to revise)
3 We ___________________ if the weather's good. (to go)
4 They ___________________ you if you wear a wig and dark glasses. ( not to recognise)
5 If the bus ___________________ on time, I won't miss the football. (to be)
6 If you ___________________ your homework now, you'll be free all tomorrow. (to do)
7 We___________________ out if there's no food at home. (to eat)
8 You'll find life much easier if you ___________________ more often. (to smile)
9 If it's hot, we___________________ for a swim. (to go)
10 You'll do it better if you ___________________ more time over it. (to take)
11 If she ___________________ practising, she'll get better. (to keep)
12 Mum will be very sad if Jim ___________________ Mother's Day again. (to forget)
13 I___________________ so happy if I pass the exam. (to be)
14 You'll be really tired tomorrow if you ___________________ to bed soon. ( not to go)
15 The government ___________________ the next election if they continue to ignore public opinion. (to lose)
16 If Valencia FC win the Spanish football league, I___________________ my hair blue. (to dye)
17 If someone ___________________ you a bike, you can come with us. (to lend)



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